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Find and hire and top remote talent

Receive a curated list of pre-qualified candidates. Advanced filters let you search, rank and hire remote teams and experts.

Smart Talent Acquisition
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Our talent acquisition services



recruitment (EOR)

Get access pre-vetted top talent. Search, filter and rank the best candidates and dive into their data profiles for interviews and assessment.


On demand freelancers

and contractors

Hire on-demand talent or teams for shor or long term projects.

Fully managed contractors with 2-weeks notice periods and flexible termination dates.


Multichannel candidate

acquisition campaigns

We run multichannel candidate acquisition campaigns to find and qualify candidates in positions that are hard to find and hire.



as a service

Let our global team of talent acquisition specialists take care of the sourcing and qualification of candidates for your open positions.

Talent Referrals


Earn 1000€ for referring a candidate

Earn €1000 for each candidate that is referred and hired through our platform. This includes all the candidate leads you interviewed and didn't hire.

For Talent

Are you a looking for a new job in tech with US or European startups?

If you are a candidate looking for new remote job opportunities with the most complete remote employee benefits, sign up here.

For Recruiters

Are you a professional recruiter?

Scale your recruitment business by signing up to our candidate referral model and earn up to 50% of our recruiting fees.

Simply register your scouted candidates with your referral link and track their processes in your recruiter dashboard.

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