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Hire pre-vetted remote teams and experts globally

Staffing: Access our pool of pre-qualified candidates and onboard top freelance experts.

Hiring: Permanent employee recruitment and candidate acquisition services.

Our smart talent acquisition services


Receive a curated list of pre-qualified candidates. Advanced filters let you search, rank and contact candidates with one click. 

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Multichannel Candidate 
Acquisition Campaigns

Reach your ideal candidates in web, mobile and social.

​We run optimised ads with your company's profile across multiple channels to reach your ideal candidates.

Candidates acquired through your ads but that are not hired become paid referrals for other companies in our network.

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Hiring & Staffing Platform

Hire top freelancers & contractors with limited contracts or permanent employees.
  • Access advanced search filters, automated assessments and personality profiles.

  • Access the candidate's profile and make a full assessment before scheduling the first call.

  • Contact candidates one click and interview using our automated assessments and personality profiles.

Small Meeting

Talent Referral Program

Earn €1000 for every referred candidate hired through Tintto

Earn referral fees by referring candidates into our platform, starting at EUR 1000 per successfully hired candidate.

Find Top Talent


Access all our suite of smart talent acquisition services and start screening candidates in minutes.

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