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Pricing & Conditions



Full-time employee

recruitment (EOR)


Fixed recruitment fees starting at *€4900 per successful hire (see table below). We offer standard 3-months free candidate replacements for hired candidates that were not a match for the role.


On demand freelancers

and contractors

We charge a talent management fee of 15% on the hourly rate of the freelancer or contractor for the total worked hours, capped at 10€ per hour. We have standard 2-weeks notice periods and flexible contract terminations.


Multichannel candidate

acquisition campaigns

We run multichannel performance marketing, content and social media campaigns using your company's branding. Campaigns start at EUR 2000 per month per position, for a minimum of 3-months running time 



as a service

We offer a recruiter as a service model, where we assign our talent acquisition specialist from our team to scout, contact and pre-qualify candidates for your company. The service is priced at EUR 3000 per month for up to 3 positions. The service runs for a minimum period of 3 months, with a flexible monthly cancellation.

Full Time Employee Recruitment Fees

Decrease the total cost of recruiting permanent employees  by up to 70% with our competitive fixed recruitment fee structure.

Employee Total Compensation
Recruitment Fee
< € 50k
€ 4,900
> €50k - €70k
€ 5,900
> €70k - €90k
€ 6,900
> €90k - €110k
€ 7,900
> €110k - €150k
€ 8,900
> €150k
€ 9,900
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