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Hire top talent using the full power of our AI Recruiter Copilot

Search, qualify and contact top candidates in seconds for Full-Time or Freelance positions

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Adam Sandy

Data Scientist

8+ years

Berlin, Germany

Elizabeth White

Senior Data Scientist

12+ years

Madrid, Spain

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We’re working on this exciting feature and can’t wait for you to experience it!

Hire top talent globally, while reducing the time and cost of recruitment

From months to days

to fill open roles

60% cheaper

than traditional recruitment

58% cheaper

than hiring locally

100+ companies

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Novva, your personalised AI Recruiter Copilot

Dynamically find top matches in minutes

Novva will learn about your company, culture and job requirements to dynamically find and rank top candidates.

Self improving algorithm

Our Machine Learning algorithm learns from your accepted and rejected candidates to consistently provide better matches.

Analyse billions of data points

Connect your ATS or screen hundreds of public sources on the web to find the best candidates in seconds.

Contact & schedule interviews in seconds

Our automated messaging and scheduling tools will save you hundreds of hours contacting, scheduling and communicating with candidates.

Expert recruiters available at your side anytime

Our in-house team of expert recruiters will take care of any other requirements or support you will have during the process.

How we work
Full Time Employees

Dynamically search, rank and contact top candidates for Full-Time Employment

AI generated shortlist of top matching candidates

ATS connection and extended web search on aggregated web sources

Automate contact messages and interview scheduling

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Freelance Hiring

Top expert Freelance talent available to hire on demand

Top 3% percent freelance, vetted and screened talent

Hire pre-qualified talent as low as 72 hours

Easy on the budget with the flexibility of hourly payments

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Streamline your recruitment process effortlessly

Your companion recruitor co-pilot

With the fastest and smartest recruiter copilot by your side, you can automate all manual recruitment tasks and efficiently reach more high-quality candidates.

No more boolean search and filters

Recruiting is not binary, simply chat with our system and let us do the background work to carve the best results.

Discover the hidden gems

No more countless sorting of resumes, focus instead on your top-tier matching candidates. Novva AI adapts to your preferences, delivering increasingly tailored results with each review.

Accelerate your hiring by 4x

Engage with active pre-vetted candidates ready for interviews. Our network of pre-qualified top talent ensures quick onboarding and high performance.

One-time-hires or scaling teams

Our transparent and simplified pricing allows you to use our AI recruiter for one time hires all the way to scaling large teams.

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