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Our Smart Recruiting Platform
Make recruiting simple and data driven.
Through our platform hiring managers can:


  • Search, evaluate and contact all the candidates that match your search in one easy view.

  • Analyse all the relevant information before the first call. Decrease time and cost of hiring while improving the candidate experience.

  • Only talk to prequalified candidates that are interested in your company. Run your interviews using data insights, personality profiles and culture assessments.

  • ​Get an overview of all the legal documents, send and sign contracts directly from the platform.

  • Start the candidate onboarding, team introduction and training before the start date.

Our Candidate Data Profiles
Make better interviews and assessments using our candidate data profiles.


Soft skills, hard skills, software, tools and the years of experience in each.



 Deepdive in personality traits using science and psychological models.



Evaluate past companies, industries and roles and reference calls.


Culture Fit

Culture and values fit. Find candidates that embody your company's culture.

Legal Docs.png

Legal Docs

Get an overview of legal documents, work permits and contract signature.



Hire for potential, not only experience. Evaluate the gap of current state vs full potential.



The best talent is spread around the world. Make a better assessment of remote candidates with our data profiles.

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